I'll Be The Sad Song

Album: Your Life Is a Record (2020)


  • During this reflective and plaintive track, Brandy Clark ponders a relationship that didn't work out.

    Couldn't be your happy song, but at least we had a song
    So I'll be the sad song you sing

    Despite the heartbreak of the breakup, Clark is still thankful for the time spent together.
  • The song is the opening track of Your Life Is a Record. The album title comes from the first lyrics of "I'll Be Your Sad Song." Clark told The Boot the record's name is a metaphor for life's different phases, which she chose for its simplicity.

    "I'd love to take credit for that, but that brilliant idea was not mine," the singer said. "I was talking about the record with Jessie Jo Dillon, who's a co-writer and a friend of mine, and has several songs on the record. She was like, 'Hey, B, what if you called it Your Life Is a Record?' And I was like, 'I love that.'"
  • This track sums up Your Life Is A Record's themes of heartbreak and melancholy. "I love a sad song. Clearly, when everybody hears this record, that's gonna be very obvious," Clark reflected to The Boot. "I loved the idea. Probably to all but one person you encounter in your life, you are their sad song, and they're yours. I've definitely been somebody's sad song. I've had a few people that have been my sad song."


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