Drunk On Your Love

Album: Illinois (2015)
Charted: 35
  • The second single from Illinois, Eldredge actually penned the song with Ross Copperman a few years before he recorded it for the album. The singer recalled to People that he played the demo for his friend, Hayley Stommel, who in turn played it for her then-boyfriend, Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard.

    When Hubbard and Stommel decided to get married, the couple decided to include the song in the festivities. "The night of the rehearsal [dinner], they were like, 'We want to use this as our song to unveil our whole wedding video,'" Eldredge recalled. "My song that I jammed with Hayley to years ago before I even had a record deal is now on their video!"
  • The humorous video was directed by Joel Robertson and shot in Charleston, South Carolina. The clip features Eldredge pursuing a love interest through a world populated almost entirely by clones. It takes its inspiration from the 1996 Michael Keaton film Multiplicity.

    The singer plays a variety of roles, including a florist, cop, chef, musician and taxi driver. His older brother, Brice, also features portraying a convict.

    "I loved being the cop and arresting my brother," Eldredge told People "They told Brice, 'Act like you're resisting' so I got to rough him up a little bit too and give him some jabs back. I had to cuff him - I tried to act like I was legitimately arresting somebody, but I could not figure out the handcuffs to save my life. We were all laughing - that was my favorite, being Officer Brett for a minute."
  • Brett Eldredge and Ross Copperman's crafting of the track followed an unpredictable path. "We just got kind of in this groove of this song and sometimes you chase down things when you don't know where it's going," Eldredge recalled. "In fact, the demo to this song was so wacky. Like, we totally just goofed around… So I'm making all these crazy noises and he's playing these guitar parts, and the next thing you know, it's our third #1 together!"
  • The song was penned by Brett Eldredge and Ross Copperman on April 6, 2012. Eldredge recalled to The Boot: "Ross Copperman and I were writing this song, and he had this little, tiny dog [a chihuahua]. I was so antsy that I would pick up the dog and put it on my head, because it was so small, and I'm a giant person. That was how it started …

    Sometimes you chase down things when you don't know where it's going. We had no idea where this song was going; in fact, the demo of that song was so wacky. We totally just goofed around. We were like, 'Let's let this song be what it is, and we'll figure it out later, but we're just going to write it how it is.' So I'm making all these crazy noises, he's playing these guitar parts, and it's pretty stripped down. We wrote it in a couple hours."
  • This was written around the same time as several other Eldredge and Copperman penned tunes that ended up on the singer's debut Bring You Back album. Eldredge explained why this song has to wait three years before it was recorded.

    "In 2012, we wrote 'Beat of the Music,' 'Drunk on Your Love' and a lot of that first album. But this song stuck around for a long time. I let it pass over my first album … I skipped over it … because I wanted it to be on the radio. I set out to find the right time for this [song] to be on there.

    We went in and cut it, and it ended up making a video, a wedding video for Tyler [Hubbard] and [his now-wife] Hayley … It went up on their wedding video, still the demo, and people started freaking out about the song on social media. We're like, 'Dude, we've got to get this on the record now. This is the record to do it.'"


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