Love Someone

Album: Brett Eldredge (2017)
Charted: 52


  • This simple romantic song was written by Brett Eldredge with Ross Copperman and Heather Morgan. The same trio also penned the singer's hit singles "Beat of the Music" and "Lose My Mind".

    The song was written at Ross Copperman's studio. Eldredge told The Boot that they were focusing on a feeling rather than concentrating on writing especially intelligent or witty lyrics. Eldredge and Copperman started off with "a feel-good vibe" in a similar vein to when they penned "Beat of the Music" together. Heather Morgan rolled in a little bit later, then jumped right in with the groove the other two had come up with. Eldredge said:

    "We wanted to not overthink it. We wanted to put in lines that were clever, but with this kind of song, you just want something feel-good."
  • The song showcases Eldredge's knack for unassuming romantic lyricism. "It's about the simplicity of love…" he said of the tune. "This is one of those first-listen songs that just makes you smile, makes you feel good, makes you want love if you don't have it and makes you happy to be in love if you are."
  • Eldredge debuted the song during the June 12, 2017 episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers.
  • Eldredge explained the song's meaning. "It's about the simplicity of love," he said. "You know love is actually, when it comes down to it, a very simple thing. What are those things that you look for most in a companion? It's someone that keeps you warm at night, that's always there for you. Somebody that laughs at the way you dance – they think it's funny but they love you for it. They smile when you're holding their hand."

    He added: "This is one of those first-listen kind of songs that just makes you smile, makes you feel good, makes you want love if you don't have it and makes you happy to be in love if you are."
  • This upbeat song is the opening track of Brett Eldredge's eponymous album. The record has a loose concept running through it of a romance gone sour. It begins with optimistic love songs and ends with darker lyrical content.
  • The first part of the chorus harks back to Eldredge's childhood.

    When I wake up in the middle of the night
    You holding me so tight
    Good Lord, I mean, my oh my

    Eldredge said: "For me, that sounds like something I heard in church when I was a kid. My grandpa kind of used to speak in that old way, and he used to use words like that, and I write a lot of songs inspired by my grandfather."
  • The three writers started off writing a song where someone wonders what being in love is really like. Heather Morgan recalled to Billboard that halfway through the session, they "decided to switch directions and make the song about truly being in love and how that feels. The words, melody and upbeat spirit all fell into place after that."


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