Album: Hello My Name Is... (2012)
  • This ode to perseverance in love was composed by Mendler with American songwriters Emanuel "Eman" Kiriakou, Evan "Kidd" Bogart and Andrew "Goldstein" Goldstein. The song plays on natural disasters as metaphors for the way the narrator feels about her beau. Mendler told Artist Direct; "'Hurricane' is special to me because it is such an emotional song. I was in an emotional place when I was writing it. It's the story of a girl who's really into this guy but he creates so much drama in her life that she's trying to figure out if it's worth it to go through that roller coaster all the time with him. He tricks her into feeling like everything is okay because she's so in love with him. I wanted to make that story emotional and real. At the same time, it's light and fun musically."
  • Mendler told Coup De Main magazine that her rapping in the song wasn't a pre-planned decision. She explained: "We had written the song and I had come in to record it and then the guys were like: 'Why don't we just try rapping this part?' So I did and then it kind of just worked and we decided to keep it. So not intentional, but sometimes things just happen in the moment."
  • The accompanying music video was filmed in the United Kingdom and it sees Mendler overcoming a break-up with help from her pals. English actress Naomi Scott appears as Mendler's best friend in the video. They previously worked together in the 2011 Disney Channel film Lemonade Mouth.
  • Mendler told Billboard magazine about the penning of the song. "I started writing that first bit of the verse," she recalled, "and off of that I worked with Evan in deciding what sort of story we wanted to tell with the song, and we came up with the weather theme. Then we came up with the bridge melody; initially I wanted that to be the chorus, but Eman said we needed to keep that for the melody, and I actually took something from one of my older songs for the chorus, so it was kind of fun to re-use that little melody that had never really seen the light of day."
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