Crooked Young

Album: Sempiternal (2013)
  • This song came about after the band went to see a film that had a soundtrack with a huge string section in it, and they decided they need to write an epic song with a cinematic strings section. Bassist Matt Kean recalled to Sugarscape that keyboardist Jordan Fish "went home that night, and came back in the morning with this huge, middle string section, so we were like 'Let's use this!' and then we wrote the song around that section."
  • Vocalist Oli Sykes recalled to Metal Hammer magazine: "Jordan really wanted to do something like 'It Never Ends' [from 2010's There Is A Hell...], and we thought that was one of the songs that worked best on the last album, including that addition of an orchestra. We thought we could carry that on, so we wanted to keep that vibe."


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