Album: Sempiternal (2013)


  • This was released as the second single from Bring The Horizon's Sempiternal album. Vocalist Oli Sykes described it in a track-by-track interview with Metal Hammer as, "one of [their] best written songs".
  • Regarding the songwriting for Sempiternal, bassist Matt Kean told Sugarscape: Oli writes all the lyrics, and we normally do the lyrics and all the vocal melodies last, as we'll write the song musically first and if it sounds good musically then we'll add vocals to it, as we want our songs to sound interesting musically first, before we add all the vocals and stuff. When we do like the music, we're always quite involved. Oli's not a musician - as in, he doesn't really play guitar or he doesn't know that much about music. He has strong opinions on different songs and which part will sound good and where."
  • "Sempiternal" is an archaic English word denoting the concept of "everlasting time" that can never actually come to pass. Sykes explained to The Independent why they used it for the album title. "It symbolizes a lot of different things, some of which were intended, some that kind of came together," he said. "This album needs to be the one that lasts forever, just by Bring Me The Horizon, no guests, no gimmicks, no nothing. It's straight up us, it represents what we're about, what we do, and what we've spent the last 10 years doing, working on, and progressing."

    "The flower of life - which is the cover of the album - means a lot of things," he continued "but it boils down to simply representing everything, it's the life of everything and that's where 'Sempiternal' comes from. The ongoing theme of the album is that every song is about a different point, with a different story and a different message, it's a step-by-step concept. When you get the album, it will have it laid out in steps.

    "Each song represents a different kind of realization," Sykes concluded, "whether that's credence, admission or religion. It's a process. Sempiternal stands for the realization of something that's never going to go away. People have afflictions and diseases that you can't get rid of and sometimes - no matter how hard you try - it's always there."

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  • Holly from Florida This song ROCKS! Great Album. Raw and Real. Love it! Hope to see them in Orlando, Florida at The Hard Rock.
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