Candy's Room

Album: Darkness On The Edge Of Town (1978)
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  • The working title was "Candy's Boy," and the song is assumed to be about a prostitute named Candy. Asked if this was true in a 2010 interview with Rolling Stone, Springsteen said, "Does it really matter? I'll never tell."
  • This is one of many Springsteen songs with a girl in the story. The girls are usually love interests of his male characters and are based on girls Springsteen grew up with. This is a much darker look at the relationship. Other girls that appear in Springsteen songs include "Wendy," "Sandy," "Sherry," and "Rosalita."
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  • Rob from NjI believe this song is about "Candy Mossler," in which she was the wife of a very rich businessman, Jacques Mossler, and she had an affair with her nephew Melvin Powers, Jacques was murdered and so it goes...
  • Jim from Long Beach, CaThis was his second song fom his 4/16/09 show at the LA Sports Arena show..Great song..Candy is a "ho", but she is torn between the rich guys that shower her with material things or Bruce...I bet she is kicking herself in the ass on that one...what do you think???...LOL!!
  • Christina from Fopo, NyGreat song. Best concert I've ever seen. 2nd row, center stage on the floor. We made eye contact!!!!!!!!
  • Lou from Scranton, PaI never got the idea she was a prostitutre. More likely she's from an industrial city like Freehold where Bruce grew up. Close to NYC and alot of glitz but not having any herself. She's torn between the guy she loves and the rich boys from the city and the finer thigns that come with them...
  • Mary from Pittsburgh, Pagreat great great song.
  • Curtis from Cornwall On Hudson , NyWhat???? She's a prostitute????'d think I would have picked up on that the first 576,723 times I listened to it...
  • Daniel from Melbourne, AustraliaThis song showcases MAx Weinberg's drumming and Bruce's lead guitar talents like no other!
  • Adrian from Kingston, Canadagood song.. oh wait every springsteensong is good
  • Matt from Wappingers Falls, Nyi dont like you then ashley
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