Girls in Their Summer Clothes

Album: Magic (2007)
Charted: 95
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  • "Girls in Their Summer Clothes" can be interpreted as either a bittersweet lament about getting older or an upbeat nostalgic remembrance of the narrator's younger days as he gazes at the beautiful girls in their summer clothes walking by. Springsteen's manager Jon Landeau described this song as having a "little bit of a Pet Sounds-type feeling mixed in with the sound of the E Street Band."
  • In an interview with the Sunday Times (30th September 2007), Springsteen was asked about the lyric, "Things been a little tight, but I know they're gonna turn my way": "I think people listening to that know who that guy is. I was interested in having a song where you get this classic image of a late summer, light on, in a small American town, and it's perfect in a way that only occurs in pop songs - when the air is just right, where the sun's sitting a certain way. And I subvert that at the end of the record with 'Long Walk Home.'"
  • This was Springsteen's first song to chart in the Hot 100 for nearly three years. The Boss's previous chart entry had been "Devils & Dust," which peaked at #72 in April 2005.
  • This won the Best Rock Song trophy at the 2009 Grammy Awards. However Springsteen revealed to MTV News that he wasn't aware he was in the running for it. He chuckled: "I didn't even know I was up for a Grammy! I opened the newspaper on Monday and saw that I had won, and thought, 'Well, that's great!'" Springsteen won the same award the previous year for "Radio Nowhere."

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  • Matt from Ft. Lauderdale, FlBest song on Magic!
  • Beestonpoet from Leeds, United Kingdomi'd say the song is about a guy on the beach remembering the good old days when the girls in their summer clothes didn't just pass him by . its kinda got a sadness an desperation about it. some guy who is lonley an on the prowl but things been little tight .. but he still hoping things gonna turn his way. its an amazing song one of them songs that you play an it takes u to another place with its music an imaginary ..i always seem to skip to this one the most when playing MAGIC ..its like a song that i get something new from it with each play
  • Ekristheh from Halath, United StatesI think both Gene and Jerry have it right. I hear both.
  • Gene from San Diego, CaNo, I don't see it as the previous person sees it. The theme of the album is anti-war. Thus, when I hear the song, I think of a soldier who has returned from war to his hometown. However, upon his return, he finds that he no longer fits. While reflecting upon his former stomping grounds, he meets another woman, "Shaniqua", and falls for her. Therefore, he reignites his former self.
  • Jerry from Pittsburgh, PaGirls in their summer clothes is yet another ode to the blue collar working class anti hero. Just another lament to what might have been but alas eluded the grasp. Springsteen should be viewed, in my opinion as the consumate poet for our times. He's managed to grow older with grace and proper perspective. The fatalistic and downtrodden youth of Born To Run, Darkness On The Edge Of Town, and The River, has graduated to the acceptance of what actually happens to those that are decidedly not the privileged few. We can decide for ourselves whether it's a sad ending or a life well lived. The Boss is clearly the best.
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