I Wanna Marry You

Album: The River (1980)


  • Springsteen sings of grown up responsibilities, a departure from many earlier songs about living wild and free.
  • Springsteen was married to model Julianne Phillips from 1985-1989. He married backup singer Patti Scialfa in 1991.

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  • Declan from Dublin, IrelandI think that this song is very touching and always brings a lump to my throat.
  • Will from Schoolcraft, MiI am a Boss fan for the most part; I have most of his albums, but I've got to say that even though a number of songs on The River are great, this one proves that double studio (not live, studio) albums are usually mixed with filler. Its like stepping in front of a dart board with two handfuls of darts, lobbing them all at it and daring to feel good about having three of them hit it.

    I'm sorry, but the lyrics to this song are more dry than the Mohaine Desert and, more importantly, below Bruce's talent. I'll bet most of the outtakes for this album were better than this one.
  • Kurt from Chicago, IlI saw Bruce in Champaign, IL in '80 during his "River" tour. During the break, someone must have passed him a note because when he came out he congratulated a couple in the second tier who had come from their wedding reception [still in their tux and gown] to the show. Then, as the applause for them died, Bruce ran offstage. The band was kind of looking at each other like WTF! The Bruce returned with the lyrics to this song... apparently they weren't part of the normal sets and he wanted to be sure he remembered the words when they played it in honor the couple. "The River" was laced with a marriage theme and, if memory serves, even featured a wedding cake bride & groom somewhere in the album art. For me, it was a poetic touch to an amazing concert. I sure hope it wasn't staged...
  • J.b. from San Jose, CaMy wife and I (married 21 years this year) used this song as our first dance for our wedding.
  • Scott from Detroit, MiI've always had a special place for this song...I met my wife when she had 2 kids and was all on her own...we now have 5 kids and I'm not going anywhere.
  • Cuda from Astoria, NyYou think this is a strange song, listen to Lift Me Up, i swear The boss sounds like an old french maid on this piece with a terrifying falsetto that can haunt a person in their dreams...
  • Johnny from Los Angeles, CaInteresting Strange Unique Springsteen Song. (ISUSS)
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