I'm Goin' Down

Album: Born In The U.S.A. (1984)
Charted: 9
  • The band recorded this in May 1982, but it wasn't released until Born In The U.S.A. was finished in 1984.
  • Like many Springsteen songs, this one contains a girl and a car, but it's filled with more frustration than possibility as he sings about getting the cold shoulder from the lady, who keeps knocking him "down."
  • This was the sixth of seven Top 10 US singles on the Born In The U.S.A. album. The album had been out for over a year by the time it was released as a single.
  • We counted 80 repetitions of the word "down" in this song, making it Springsteen's most repetitious track.

Comments: 15

  • Zach from Atlanta, GaOne of my favorite Bruce songs and the lyrics are very true.
  • Matt from Austin, MnWhat Songfacts should have said was it's easy to forget that "I'm Goin' Down" was on Born in the U.S.A because the album had been out for over a year. Songfacts makes it sound like the song itself is forgettable, which is certainly is not.
  • Hedrek from Los Angeles, CaYeah, this is a great cut. Hard, sharp, blistering, the singer is pissed, mean, lashing outward, and inward, and the band follows in step. BS, for me, often at his best when he wasn't getting too ambitious, trying too hard to make a classic, or a big statement. This one's just a reflection of a nasty slice of life, rendered with a few slices of razor on a canvas. And then, "Hey, bop a be down down"
  • Joe from Grande Prairie Alberta, Cape VerdeEvery song on this record rocks!!!(except the title track of course...What a sell-out).
  • Dane from Vancouver, BcI agree, it is a great song. Pure Springsteen. And I think it's quite appropriate that such a ground-breaking album such as "Born In The U.S.A." would have seven singles. When every song on the album is good, why not? Cheers.
  • Mike from Hueytown , AlThis song is very underrated. Far from forgettable in my mind.
  • Josh from Terre Haute, InGreat song, was my favorite Springsteen song for many years. Reminds me of a girl I used to know and the way she would act. "You let out one of your bored sighs, but lately when I look into your eyes, I'm goin down down down" Underrated song, best song on Born in the USA in my opinion.
  • Garrett from Nashville, TnHe says the word "down" 86 times in the song. Anyone who can do 86 push-ups in 4 minutes is truly an Olympian.
  • Dave from Philadelphia, PaListen to this song in "push-up" position, everytime the boss says the word "down" you do a push up....see if you can last for the whole song. I'm going down, down, down, down....I'm goin' down, down, down, down...I bet you can't!
  • Marshall from Sacramento, CaThe most forgettable hit? This song is awesome. Great vocals, great beat, guitar, everything. Bruce is #1.
  • Dan from Philly, PaGreat rendition live in Philly in '03. Party song.
  • John from Cambridge, CanadaI don't know why, but I love this song. One of my favourites by the boss, I'll never understand why it isn't more popular.
  • Scott from St. Louis, MoShould have been used in the movie "Titanic".
  • Kyle from Belleville, CanadaGreat tune, killer beat. Don't know why people hate this one. I love it. Good song Bruce.
  • Raja from Austin, TxAttacked by many fundamentalist groups who percieved the title to be sexual in nature.
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