Josh ToddVocals1995-
Keith NelsonGuitar1995-2017
Jonathan BrightmanBass1995-2001
Devon GlennDrums1995-2002
Stevie D.Guitar2005-
Jimmy AshhurstBass2005-2013
Xavier MurielDrums2005-2017
Kelly LeMieuxBass2013-
Sean Winchester Drums2017-2018
Francis Ruiz Drums2019-
Kevin RoentgenGuitar2017-2020
Billy RoweGuitar2020-

Buckcherry Artistfacts

  • On the eve of Buckcherry's 300th live show, speaking about the decline of major record labels that began in the 2000s, Buckcherry frontman Josh Todd expressed his approval of the shift in the music industry, saying, "playing live and merchandise are going to be a big part of your career, the way it was in the '70s. Bands are going to have to be great at their craft again, and that is not what's going on in rock and roll at the moment."
  • Buckcherry lore has it that they was formed after guitarist Keith Nelson and singer Josh Todd met and bonded over their mutual love of AC/DC.
  • After a three year pause, Buckcherry reformed in 2005 with several new members and released 15, their most commercially successful album.
  • Buckcherry guitarist Keith Nelson has expressed acceptance, if not approval of illegal downloading of music, saying, "I've done that. Everyone's done that... I don't think it impacts the business as much as everyone thinks it does."
  • Lead singer Josh Todd has made several cameo appearances in Hollywood films such as The Banger Sisters and XXX.
  • Buckcherry's most successful album, 15, was recorded in just fifteen days.
  • The band's name was inspired by a drag queen acquaintance of theirs named Buck Cherry (a play on "Chuck Berry") .
  • Buckcherry parted ways with bassist Jimmy Ashurst in 2013, saying they'd run out patience after "years of voicing his extreme unhappiness on a daily basis."


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