Child Called "It"

Album: Black Butterfly (2008)
  • This was inspired by Dave Pelzer's 1995 memoir of horrific child abuse A Child Called "It". Todd explained on Buckcherry's record label's website: "There were times when I had to put the book down because the abuse of this boy was so bad, but I felt like the book found me… I was compelled to write this song out of inspiration from this guy's incredible journey."
  • Guitarist Keith Nelson told Dayton's student newspaper Flyer News: "We don't usually make music or have songs [about controversial topics] - you know, we're the party band, we want to host the party, we don't usually tackle something like child abuse, but it seemed appropriate and the song came out great."
  • Another track on Black Butterfly, the redemptive "Rescue Me," was also inspired by A Child Called "It".

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  • D from Waterloo, Iathis is a great song by a great band. it's also got a sad message and inspirational.
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