Album: Confessions (2012)


  • This is the lead single from Confessions, the sixth album by the American rock band Buckcherry. It finds Josh Todd singing about smoking and sleeping around to a gluttonous level over Keith Nelson's metal riffing.
  • The theme of the record is the seven deadly sins. It is part of a larger vision that includes a short film written by Todd, who based the lyrics on his childhood and transformation into adulthood. Keith Nelson told PCM Music the record is not a full-on concept album. "It started off as a concept record," he explained, "and then evolved away from that. It evolved into Josh Todd writing a screenplay loosely based on some events of his life. The story of the record goes with the film and the film goes with the record. It tells a story."
  • Josh Todd told Noisecreep about the song's provocative video, which was directed by Billy Jayne and filmed in a North Hollywood church.: "The concept of the video is excess, consuming everything excessively, and moderation is not even in the equation," he said. "I'm very familiar with that, and a lot of guys in the band are familiar with that. Because the record is called Confessions, we filmed the video in a church, we got Jesus down here - which is killer - and we got a lot of our fans in it, which is amazing - they came out on their own time and have really put in a lot of sweat equity, so thank you to them."
  • Todd refers to the song's lyrical protagonist as holding back a beast. He explained to Heavy Metal Artwork: "As a youth it was always confusing to me: if something feels good, why not overdo it? I just didn't understand anything but that. I work very hard on a daily basis to manage my obsessive compulsive behavior and that's what 'Gluttony' is about."

    "We have all these things that take us out of who we really are at the core, like drugs and alcohol, and sex, and sugar, and caffeine, and it changes us and sometimes it's a lot of fun, and you just want to keep doing it," Todd added. "The problem is of course stopping."


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