Open My Eyes

Album: Time Bomb (2001)


  • Buckcherry lead singer Josh Todd told the story behind this song to Q magazine: "I wrote that song in a studio while we were making the Time Bomb record which is our second record and at the time I was single and I just wanted to write a song about like my Lover X, whoever that would be and that's what the song's really about it's about this woman that didn't exist that I was trying to manifest in my life and I wound up doin' that with my wife but at the time she wasn't around."

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  • Marie Heywoodmarie from Manchester, United KingdomWe are having this as our wedding track for the first dance. I love Buckcherry, to me they are the best band ever to see live they are amazing. I'm also a rock photographer and have the opportunity soon to interview the band and take photos. I can't wait and I am looking forward to having this as our wedding track.
  • Jasmine from Allentown, PaI love Buckcherry and I love this song. The first time I heard this song I didn't know that it was one of there songs but once I found out this song was by them I fell in love with this song all over agian. I even suggested this song for my fathers first wedding dance with his third wife.
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