Come Down to Us

Album: Rival Dealer (2013)
  • Burial is the dubstep producer William Bevan. Indicative of his move to more experimental, extended tracks (or suites), "Come Down to Us" features multiple distinct sections over the course of 13 minutes. Though similar in mood and composition, the two halves of the track use very few (if any) of the same samples or motifs. The track (and thus the EP) is concluded with a short self-acceptance speech that serves as a coda.
  • The track samples at least two video game soundtracks: Fable and EVE Online. It also contains dialogue from the films The Tree of Life and Flatliners, an interview with NASA scientist Melissa Dawson, and a speech by Lana Wachowski at the 2012 Human Rights Campaign.
  • The main vocal hook in the first section is created by pitch-shifting sections of Michael Jackson's vocals from his song "You Are Not Alone."
  • According to Burial - in an uncharacteristic move to talk about his music — all three tracks on the Rival Dealer EP were designed to be anti-bullying tunes, and ones which "protect against the unkind people, the dark times, and the self-doubts."

    The serene and often uplifting melodies (compared to his typical dark productions), the use of encouraging dialogue samples and the use of Michael Jackson's "You Are Not Alone" help to support this theme.
  • The track was used in the film Bitter Lake by Adam Curtis, released direct to BBC iPlayer in 2015.


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