Why Stop Now

Album: E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event) 2: End of the World (2011)
  • This promotional single was released as a free launch exclusive for Google Music, and is only available digitally through that marketplace.
  • The song features Chris Brown. Busta previously collaborated with the R&B singer when he contributed a verse to his hit single, "Look At Me Now."
  • Sham "Sak Pase" Joseph provided the beat. The beatmeister is one half of the production duo the Jugganauts whose other credits include The Throne's "Who Gon Stop Me" and "Made In America."
  • Despite comparisons to the similarly titled "Look At Me Now," which also features Chris Brown's vocals and Busta's speed-rapping, the recently signed Cash Money MC told MTV News that the new collaboration came about organically. "It was just fortunate that I had something that worked well for what we do to be able to have another collab with him," he said, before adding. "I'm just about making sure that the music ultimately speaks in the most organic way possible," he continued. "It doesn't just seem like something that we threw together to try and capitalize off of a momentum that was there."
  • Busta hooked up with longtime collaborator Hype Williams for the song's music video, which is set amidst a citywide insect infestation. It features several different scenes with Busta rapping along, including a shirtless Chris Brown dancing with a wall. "I mean, I knew he was gonna do his thing, 'cause he always does, but I didn't think that he would be doing the s--- that he's doing at this dynamic. He's losing his f---in' mind right now," Busta said of Breezy's body contortions. "I can't do that s--- that he do. All of that acrobatic, bouncing and flipping all over the f---in' walls. I ain't doin't that s---! I do that s--- with my lyrics."


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