Jerk It Out

Album: X-List (2003)
Charted: 8 70
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  • No hidden meaning in this song - it's just about dancing and getting loose. It received a lot of attention in the United States after it was featured in an iPod ad. The popular iPod ads also helped boost the popularity for songs like "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" by Aussie rock band JET, and "Flathead" by the Scottish band The Fratellis.
  • According to the band, the title "Jerk It Out" means "to just let out some steam, freak out, let yourself go, get crazy, etc." The title has a double meaning, as it can easily be taken as being about masturbation. Keeping with the sexual double meanings, the remix of this song was called "Jerk It Harder."
  • This was the first hit for The Caesars, who are known as The Caesar's Palace in their native country of Sweden, and Twelve Caesars throughout the rest of Scandinavia. However due to copyrights from Caesars Palace Casino, they are known as The Caesars throughout the rest of the world. >>
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  • AnonymousTo me, the song is about ADHD. For me, I find it very difficult to stop doing something once it has begun as I intensely focus on what I shouldn't be doing. Obviously, ADHD can make someone extremely hyperactive (notice the behavioral issues in kids). People also consider drugs do to "jerk it out" because obviously drug addicts do tweak and s--t. For me, I am constantly shaking my leg, biting my nails, scratching scabs, anything. "Head up in the clouds" obviously could mean high or focused on something else. "Shut up, hush your mouth, can't you hear you talk too loud?" are thoughts I often have when people are talking and I'm trying to do something completely unrelated, say a random calculation of how many minutes are in 4 days.
  • Jon-erik from SwedenFirst time it was used is like in Robot Food's Afterbang from 2002.
    15:48 into the clip
  • Josh from Hughesville, Pa"Wind me up
    Put me down
    Start me off and watch me go
    I'll be running circles
    around you sooner than you know"
    Meth makes you really hyper and energetic

    "Cause it's easy once you know how it's done
    You can't stop now
    It's already begun
    You feel it running through your bones
    and you jerk it out
    So you jerk it out"
    You feel the endorphins running through your body, and you jerk around. It makes you tweak.

    "Shut up, hush your mouth
    Can't you hear you talk too loud
    No I can't hear nothing
    because I got my head up in the clouds
    I bite off anything I can chew
    Chasing cars up and down the avenue
    But that's okay"
    meth makes you talk a mile a minute and someone's telling him to shut up, but he's saying he doesn't care because his head is up in the clouds. he's high.

    a reference is made to chewing, meth makes you grind your teeth.

    "chasing cars up and down the avenue." super energetic.
  • Josh from Hughesville, PaIts about injecting Methamphetamine.
  • Bill from Burbank, Ilthis song has nothin 2 do with jacking off
  • Bill from Port Saint Lucie, FlThis song was featured in the movie "Yours, Mine & Ours"(2005), a comedy story of a couple of highschool sweethearts who married some years later and had 18 kids. The song was intro'd when Dennis Quaid was trying to brush his teeth among the madness and mayhem of the newly joined family, It was filmed mostly in my hometown of New London, Connecticut.
    - Bill J. Port Saint Lucie, FL.
  • Tj from Champaign, IlThis band is known as Caesars Palace or The Caesars but not The Ceasars.
  • Matthew from Columbia, TnActually, it was first featured on SSX3 (r. 10/3/03) and truely gained popularity on that. The iPod commercial was released much, much later.
  • Trevor from Port Orchard, Waright.....its easy once you know how its done......cant stop know its already feel it rushin through your bones........and then you JERK IT OUT????????
    obviously a hidden message about jackin' off!!!!
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