Shake Me Down

Album: Thank You, Happy Birthday (2010)
Charted: 55 78
  • This sing along-friendly track is the lead single from American rock band Cage the Elephant's second album, Thank You, Happy Birthday. The song was made available to radio stations on November 17, 2010 and released on November 22, 2010.
  • The song features Cage The Elephant percussionist Jared Champion playing on a set of toy drums.
  • Thank You, Happy Birthday was recorded in spring 2009 at Nashville's Tragedy/Tragedy Studio with producer Jay Joyce, who was also the man behind the boards for Cage the Elephant's eponymous debut record. The songs were written by the band after they locked themselves away in a remote Kentucky cabin, listened to and discovered old albums from the Pixies, Mudhoney and Butthole Surfers, and studied interviews with songwriting greats like Bob Dylan and John Lennon. Cage the Elephant's Matt Shultz explained to Spinner: "We initially were living in England and came up with 80 song ideas, some complete, some not. We started working on the second record and basically scratched all those ideas. There were a lot of things happening at that time; personal growth and growth as a band. We ended up renting some cabins at a lake in Kentucky and isolated ourselves in the middle of winter. No cell phone reception - it kind of felt like Survivor."
  • The guitar riff was borrowed from a song Daniel Tichenor's father had written years previously and the bass line was inspired by the Shins.

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  • Haley from Indianapolis, InWhen I heard this song today I was really interested in the video and then the part came where it said "Even on A cloudy day" which reminded me of my cousin who died 4 years ago on April 14 when she was 13. But anyways I started crying. It was just one of those things that hit you when you least expect it.
  • Raunchy from Tulsa, OkCTE's new hit "Come A Little Closer" is a cool song. CTE was on "Jimmy Kimmel Show" last night & I loved the performance. Don't care for that dunce Kimmel, but I just wanted to watch CTE. They're coming back to Tulsa this weekend.
  • Elmer H from Westville, OkAbsolutely cool song even though it's conveying a sad feeling. I'm a solid fan of CAGE THE ELEPHANT anyway and caught their show in Tulsa OK a month or so ago. These guys are so talented! On this song, the lead vocalist sounds so young & lyrics are intelligent, but all that makes it all the more interesting. This song has a soft melody, but these guys rock too! Love the ELEPHANT!
  • Bubblesk from Memphis, TnOoooo! I love "Shake Me Down" everytime I hear it. What a range of emotions & messages is presented in the song! And the vocals are so young-sounding and sexy! Wheewww! Is it HOT in here, or is it just me??!! It's been out there for a few years, but I love it everytime it's on radioplay. Cage the Elephant is super talented and I'm a true fan. "The Elephant" is so cool.
  • Melissa from Chicago, IlIt's a very sad, but encouraging song. I totally love it, and the videoclip is just amazing.
  • Randy from Ashland, Ohthat's sad..
  • Ryan from Anderson, CaEven on a cloudy day...
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