Album: Tell Me I'm Pretty (2015)
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  • This song was inspired by a conversation frontman Matt Shultz had with someone he's "really close to." He explained to ABC Radio: "We were both presenting ourselves as being very honest in the conversation. And I felt there were several places where I was holding back, or kind of curating the idea of what I wanted projected pretty heavily as inside the conversation. So I was curious at what level they were doing the same."

    "So the song's kinda just about honesty and adversity and struggle and stuff like that," Schultz added.
  • The video combines the story of a western-style duel and its delusional results with shots of the band performing in the desert. The clip marks Matt Shultz's directorial debut. "I really wanted to make a video that was like John Wayne or a young Clint Eastwood acting in a Cocteau play or Ingmar Bergman's Wild Strawberries," the frontman stated. "A metaphorical journey that hopefully people could read between the lines."
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