In the Dark

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  • Camila Cabello wrote this smooth R&B tune the day after the 2017 Grammy Awards. She sings of an encounter at an afterparty with an unnamed famous guy.

    Who are you in the dark?
    Show me the scary parts
    Who are you when it's 3 AM and you're all alone
    And L.A. doesn't feel like home?
    Who are you in the dark?

    Camila explained during a Beats 1 interview: "Basically the song was kinda like me making an observation on the outside looking in about somebody that I met. It was like a famous guy and I was just noticing how a lot of the time it's this facade. People that are celebrities, they kinda can't turn it off, like it's always a performance, it's this mirage."

    "I was just kinda like I don't really wanna fall in love with a name or just because you're famous," she continued. "I wanna get to know the real person, the human stuff, the twisted stuff... that's what makes people interesting. I was just kinda like perfection is boring, so that's basically what that song is about, me wanting to know the real person, not the famous person."
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