Crime Pays Intro

Album: Crime Pays (2009)
  • Crime Pays was the sixth studio album released by Cam'ron, after the New York rapper took a two-year break from the industry to concentrate on looking after his sick mother.
  • Cam'ron explained to MTV News the album title: "The reason I named it Crime Pays... I'm not sitting around boasting or anything, but there's a way to get around everything. My favorite instance in particular, with me - I went to college and didn't graduate from high school. I got to college and my coach brought the GED to my room like, 'Here, you graduated, congratulations.' Even though it's a junior college... I never took my SATs coming out of high school. I was playing basketball and this junior college wanted me to come down and play basketball. When I got there, my GED was sitting on the bed waiting for me. I never took a test or anything."


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