Lullaby In The Night

Album: Starlight Starbright (2015)
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  • After Candice night had two children with her husband, Ritchie Blackmore, she decided to make an album of soothing children's music, which became Starlight Starbright. "Lullaby In The Night" was inspired something she heard her daughter Autumn singing when she was just 18 months old. In our interview with Night, she explained: "I walked into her room and found her sitting in a big rocking chair, holding her dolly and rocking her to sleep. She was singing her a song that she had made up. It was just one of those incredible moments. I ran and got my camera and videotaped her around the side of the door so she couldn't see me, but I was so touched by that moment that I later revisited the video and learned the song she was singing. It was just total improv, and she never sang it after that, but I remembered it."
  • Night recorded this song with Ritchie Blackmore on guitar during a session with their renaissance band, Blackmore's Night.
  • Autumn Blackmore got a writer's credit on this track along with her mom, making her perhaps the youngest person to earn a songwriting credit.


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