Far Behind

Album: Candlebox (1993)
Charted: 18
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  • This was written about Andrew Wood, lead singer of the Seattle group Mother Love Bone, who died of an heroin-overdose in 1990. Other songs inspired by his death are "Would?" by Alice in Chains, "Hey Mr. Lovedog" by Faster Pussycat, and the whole Temple Of The Dog project. >>
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  • Candlebox vocalist Kevin Martin first met Andy Wood when he was working at Seattle's Fluevog shoe store with Susan Silver, who was managing Soundgarden at the time. He recalled to About.com: "Andy used to come in there with band flyers and stuff for shows and concerts. We just got to talking about music ever time he'd pop in. He asked me, 'Are you a singer? What do you do?' I said, 'Well, I'm a singing in this band, doing my thing and whatnot.' He said, 'Man, just do it. There are gonna be haters and people that love you. If you're meant to do it, you're meant to do it. Regardless of what anyone says to you or about you – it's what you're supposed to do.' And I never forgot that.

    The day he died was incredibly sad – not only for those who were close to him but for the music community of Seattle – for the people that loved what he was doing: Malfunkshun, Mother Love Bone and all these f---ing amazing bands that he was a part of. And his talent was sad to see let go and initially the lyric was, 'Now Andy, I didn't mean to treat you bad.'

    It was written from the perspective of the drug that destroyed him. When I got in the studio to track that song I changed it to 'Now maybe.' I didn't want it to be so obvious. I think that's why for years people thought it was a love song. Nobody really knew that it was about death and the loss of a friend and fellow musician. So that's how the song was written."

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  • ZuuniWhat are comments about the singer being Axl Rose ripoff? I've veen through G'N'R discography and they sound nothing alike, but then again this is the only song from Candlebox I know and adore so what the f--k do I know.

    But this is a damn good song and I'm happy to learn to fact this was about messed up relationship instead of a love song, it makes this so much more relatable.
  • Steven L. from Chelsea, MaSounds like an earlier rift.
  • Gia from Asheville , NcI've been a Guns 'N Roses fan for over twenty years and not once did I think that Candlebox was even remotely a 'wannabe' band. Between the vocals and instrumentation (not to mention the amazing lyrics), Candlebox stands on its own and I agree with a lot of the commenters here including Jeremy who stated that the lead singer has a "beautiful voice" and Zero who mentioned that "Candlebox is grossly underrated." True indeed. I had the fortune of seeing the band perform at JFK Stadium in 1994. They were spectacular.
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjCandlebox is grossly underrated. I wish more of thier songs were on here. No one gave them credit when they first came out (or still this day) 'cause they "jumped on the Grunge bandwagon", well that may be true but how many bands can put so much emotion and feeling into every song they do like this band? I love every song on this album and "Happy Pills" (Lucy has some good songs on it too but is a lot let commercial - havent heard the latest one yet). Great Vocals, AMAZING guitar playing, Peter Klett is actually my fav Grunge guitar player (yes, I consider them "Grunge"!)
  • Jorge from Bronx, NyMaybe,that's why we dont hear nothing about Candlebox anymore,The drama and the bullcrap of the record industry,who Knows,But i must say,very pleased with this genuine band,,hope someday to hear new material.
  • Shawn from Green Bay, WiArguably the greatest song ever written about suicide. Uniquely more about those left behind than about the victim themselves: the guilt, regret, helplessness and finally grief.
  • D from Waterloo, Iathere is no such thing as the axl rose rip off. the dude has an AMAZING voice...yes, better then axl's... and he wuz just feeling the song and everyone sounds like someone else. awesome song!!i could listen 2 it all day!! great lyrics too
  • Mercedies from Soldotna, AkI love this song!!! This whole cd is amazing!!! The lyrics are powerful as is the voice behind them. Backed with kickass instruments and this band rocks!!!
  • Squid from Los Angeles, CaOk Little Music Theory Update for you. This song is heavy blues based (as Was The Band). The "Rip off" isn't from "AXL" But from many blues, Jazz, and Soul Artist. it is often a natural reaction when "Connecting" with the emotion of the song. if anything "AXL" ripped it from the LA blues scene
  • Sara from Calhoun, GaThis dude sings so much better than Axel Rose...I would have never compared the two singers....why is it that everybody has to compare? It is a good song. It was obviously written with and performed with genuine passion-Sara, Calhoun, GA
  • Gema from Riverside, CaI'm guessing that friend that passed away was Wood, because it even says it on his Wikipedia page...
  • Amy from Acworth, GaI have heard about the "AXL ROSE RIPOFF" theory. Let me tell you a little bit about being an artist. You see, artists are influenced by many things in life...nature, people, God...and YES...even other artists, such as AXL ROSE, or THE BEATLES, or ADAM ANT, or your local band. It is all art, and if it wasn't for someone else being infuenced by someone else, all the stuff would be quite UN-ORIGINAL. Does this make sense?
  • Sheri from Newport News, VaIt was extremely hard to find the artist of this song, was ina bar and itcame on. Extremely good, makes me think of what I would say to somone I have lost if I had one more chance too, and makes me feel mixed emotions, really can relate to artist, isn't that what makes a great song??? :)
  • Mark from Syracuse, NyI found an interview about this song on TheCrushGirls.com on 8/21/06 by a woman named Lindsay, quoted:

    Lindsay: I understand that. So, youíre obviously well known for the song ìFar Behind,î which is an awesome song. My sister wanted me to ask you what the reasoning was behind that song?

    Kevin: ìFar Behindî was written for a friend of mine who had passed away while we were writing the song, and he was the first person to come to mind while I was writing down the lyrics for it.
  • Fernando Ardon from Cojutepeque, South AmericaThis song is about the guilt and anger you feel when someone you love do drugs and die for it..."Didn't mean to treat you so bad...but I did it anyway" "shame you letf my life so soon" "some say your life was so sad...but you live it anyway" yeah, It's all about regret and loss...absolutely love this son. I loss my father to the drugs, and this song is just like my life back the...
  • Rjh from Marquette, MiI love this song and I don't think Candlebox are wannabees. There music sounds so different to me. It's nothing like Axl Rose or Guns n' roses. The only thing that sounds close is Matchbox 20, sometimes. Besides their songs have alot more to say.
  • Ange from Picton, New ZealandWhy this song doesnt scream from our radios I'll never know, Like many others I had a great deal of drama trying to find the artist... Yay Thanks limewire, Awesome song that means so many different things to those who listen to it.
  • Blake from Cincinnati, OhThis song is about the singers brother becoming involved with friends who did drugs and became addicted himself and eventually ODed and died. Many say this song is about Andrew Wood, or some groupie who killed herself but the song is to personal and has to much information in it about life at home to be about anyone but his brother.
  • Trinity Jane from Lexington, KyI've heard different meanings to this song.
    I've heard the Andrew Wood theory but also the one about the groupie.

    The story is that the band used the groupie for sex and she killed herself.
  • Jeremy from Lafayette, LaWell, they're not wannabes obviosly. Especially compared to bands today. I hate pop-culture.
    But I think the lead singer didn't mean to do that. It comes with the beautiful voice he has.

  • Maureen from Prospect, VaThis is a really good song, it also took me forever to find the artists...
  • Kuuipo from Bellefontaine, OhThis is a good song, so many people think that candlebox is wannabes, but nowadays, everyone is ripping off of everyone else.
  • Rob from Santa Monica, CaThe Axl Rose ripoff at the end of the song probably caused many potential fans to write Candlebox off as wanna-bes.
  • Brittany from Waverly, NyI love this song..and it took me forever to find the cd..and I'm really surprised no one has commented this is a really good song..I suggest you listen to it
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