by Cardi B (featuring Migos)

Album: Invasion of Privacy (2018)
Charted: 41 21


  • Cardi B recruits Migos for this song, in which the quartet rap about their success and hit back at their haters and detractors. Cardi raps in the first verse:

    S--t on these hoes
    Light up my wrist on these hoes
    Now I look down on these bitches
    I feel like I'm on stilts on these hoes

    "Drip" finds Cardi B reclaiming her confidence after revealing a more vulnerable side on her previous single "Be Careful."
  • Cardi's husband Offset takes the largest portion of the song, rapping the second verse and refrain as well as part of the hook. Takeoff and Quavo split the lengthier third verse between them.
  • The words drip or drippin' are said 120 times in total during the song. Quavo is the only one of the four who doesn't use the word at all.
  • Cardi B previously collaborated with the Migos trio on their track "MotorSport." She also worked with Offset on her cuts "Um Yea" and "Be Careful." Following the release of "Drip", Cardi took to Twitter to address suggestions that she's the "fourth member" of Migos.

    "I'm not," Cardi wrote. "I'm engaged to Offset and the others are my brothers now we want to help each other to succeed and make money."
  • The song was produced by Cassius Jay. The beatmaker told Billboard that he originally thought his instrumentation was going to end up on Migos' CULTURE II album. Cassius Jay explained:

    "One of my close friends Nonstop Da Hitman brought a beat over. I said, 'We should just strip that whole session, delete all you created, and let's start over, because I love the drum sounds in the kit.' Me and him started vibing. My roots are from Zaytoven, I learned everything from Zaytoven. When you hear those flutes, that's a melody I thought of that I knew Zay would do, and I knew it would be a hit. I came up with that melody, and we created the drums around it.

    I sent it to Offset, and as soon as I sent it to Offset, he sent it right back with the concept and the hook and his verse. At first he thought it was going on CULTURE II, because we did some songs on CULTURE II but it didn't get placed. He called me and said, 'hold it, I'm going to put it on Cardi's album.' Soon as she jumped on it, I knew what time it was. I knew it was going to be a miracle. There wasn't too much to say, it was already a hit. All they wanted was my approval, and my approval was 'yes.'

    When I first heard Cardi B's verse, she was just going crazy. I don't think she even knew how crazy she was going. But when I first heard it, I was speechless."
  • The song's instrumentation was originally used for an unreleased Young Thug, Future and Quavo song titled "Upscale." Quavo recalled to Billboard:

    "What happened was me and Offset actually recorded on the same beat. Offset was somewhere else recording on the same beat, and me, Future and Thug are in the studio recording on the same beat. When it came about, it was a whoever wants it thing. We just came together for a meeting and decided to put my verse on 'Drip.' We were all on the same song, so I guess great minds do think alike."


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