I Hope You're Happy Now
by Carly Pearce (featuring Lee Brice)

Album: Carly Pearce (2019)
Charted: 27
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  • Before Carly Pearce got together with Michael Ray, she was dating somebody else. That relationship had to end because of her strong feelings for Ray.

    It's all on me, it's my mistake
    I said "I don't love you" a little too late
    But I guess there ain't ever a right time
    And I don't know why it's called a goodbye

    The song is a twist on the traditional idea of someone sarcastically wishing a former lover well. It finds Pearce taking the high road as she sings of her wish for her ex to move on and be happy. Her duet partner Lee Brice repeats the same sentiment, but his verse is laced with hurt.
  • Pearce co-wrote the track with Luke Combs, Jonathan Singleton and Randy Montana. She came up with the idea after her connection with Michael Ray made her realize she wasn't happy in her relationship with her then-boyfriend.

    "In the process of falling in love, I have hurt someone else," Pearce explained to iHeart Radio. "I broke somebody else's heart a few years ago, and had to figure out some things in my own life that maybe weren't serving me well."
  • Pearce explained that she asked Brice to join her on the classic heartbreak tune as he "has the kind of gruff yet vulnerable quality to his sound" that she envisioned for the song. Brice readily agreed, but he had to record his parts in a mobile studio on the road because of his busy touring schedule.

    He was concerned about the recording quality, but Pearce was uneasy about something else: Brice had been channeling Luke Combs ' demo vocals and she wanted him to be himself. The "Rumor" singer explained to The Boot that she told him, "I love how it sounds, I think it's gonna be great, but I just miss a little bit of you in it,'"

    So Brice returned to his mobile studio and redid his part, this time channeling himself rather than trying to be Combs.
  • Carly Pearce explained to The Boot that her intention when she arrived at the writing appointment was to pen a song about being comfortable in a relationship without really being in love with that person. "Honestly, that's where I was. I was on the back end of realizing, over the course of probably a year of staying with this person and keeping it to myself that I wasn't happy anymore," she said.

    Pearce added that Luke Combs suggested he played the role of the guy; they landed on the idea of "I hope you're happy now" with each having a different spin on it.
  • The split-screen music video follows two exes as they go about their separate ways. We see the woman happily beginning a new relationship as her former lover struggles to move on.

    "The first time I watched this music video I cried - it is as real and honest as the 'Every Little Thing' video was for me," Pearce said. "This song is so personal and I wanted the visual to truly reflect that part of my story. I feel like this song is the closing piece to this chapter in my life, so the ending is bittersweet, but it leaves things on a positive note. If I were to run into this person today, my hope is that things would play out exactly how the video ends."
  • This won Musical Event of the Year at the 2020 CMA Awards. It was both Carly Pearce and Lee Brice's first CMA trophies, but Brice could not attend the event because he'd tested positive for COVID-19.

    Charles Kelley substituted for Brice in the ceremony's pre-taped performance of the song. It was fortunate that their duet was pre-recorded as Kelley was also forced to drop out from the actual ceremony because of COVID-19 exposure.
  • Carly Pearce released "I Hope You're Happy Now" on October 7, 2019 as the second single from her self-titled studio album. Lee Brice later included the track on his Hey World longplayer.
  • Randy Montana told American Songwriter the dual meaning in Pearce and Brice's performance is one of his favorite aspects of the song.

    "The whole idea of that song is summed up pretty much in the hook," he said. "What makes it so interesting to me is it is in two completely different songs. The girl is remorseful for breaking the guy's heart and she genuinely hopes he is happy now, whereas the guy is singing it with angst, like 'I can't believe you did this.' It's two totally different takes on that phrase, and that's what makes me love that song."
  • Carly Pearce and Lee Brice were double winners at the 2021 ACM Awards when this song landed both the Single and Event of the Year trophies.

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  • Left Head Kick from Middle Class UsaGreat song just heard it this year. I’m not a country fan but this song rang home for me.

    I was in a relationship with a woman for seven years, very intense. She is a beautiful woman, looks 10 years younger. They all start out great don’t they?

    I’m not a doctor but it turns out she had either borderline personality or BPD traits that controlled her life. Unfortunately she was molested as a child by family members. Got into a abusive relationship/ marriage with this guy and he used to beat her up et Cetera. Then I come along.

    I feel a lot of empathy for her, a lot of desire to be with her, to try to protect her.

    But her anger issues, the insecurities, the years of being treated like s--t cannot be erased. That coupled with my stubbornness, not wanting to be married, not wanting children led to problems down the line We ended up fighting a lot more than usual and she was saying hurtful things.

    She said some stuff to me that Ill never forget and led me to changing my phone number.

    She told me onetime last year during an argument, “if you were a real man you would’ve let me go two years ago.”

    Fine lady, you’ve got it. I’m history and my number is now changed!

    I hope you’re happy now.

    But I think about her every day. Funny how I miss the old days. Not really funny I just miss the old days before things got complicated. When I was her knight in shining armor. When I could do no wrong. When we were so into each other and I couldn’t wait to be with her. And then things slowly, started to change. How I wish for the days of old. I miss them very much.

    I guess that’s life, and life goes on.
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