This Kiss

Album: Kiss (2012)
Charted: 86
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  • The third single from Canadian Pop singer-songwriter Carly Rae Jepsen's Kiss album finds her singing about a guy she is desperate to lock lips with despite the fact both of them are engaged in relationships with others. "This kiss is something I can't resist," she sings. "Your lips are undeniable. This kiss is something I can't risk. Your heart is unreliable." The upbeat track was released on iTunes on September 10, 2012.
  • Carly wrote the song with LMFAO's RedFoo and her boyfriend, singer-songwriter Matthew Koma. Regarding collaborating with RedFoo, she told MTV News. "It's really neat. We made friends and started working on a song together, and we actually started working on a majority of that song over the phone."

    She added: "[The sound is] definitely in my vein, but he's a really brilliant guy, and I think if anything when a collaboration happens, it's a little bit of everybody that makes it what it is. So maybe not just me and not just him, but us together."
  • Jepsen explained to MTV News why she named her album after this track. "I was at an interview once, and someone just came out and asked me, 'What's your album going to be called?' and I was like, 'Kiss', and that was how I decided," she explained. "It really is an album about love, flirtation and the beginnings of things and it felt like it really suited it. There's a track called 'This Kiss' on the album, which I think is probably my favourite song so that's probably why."
  • So when did Carly kiss for the first time? "I waited for my first kiss," she told MTV News. "I waited until I was 17, and he was a jazz singer named Brenden Call. Nice guy, sweet guy. We still keep in touch on Facebook."
  • Jepsen told Billboard magazine the main thread that runs throughout the Kiss album is, "about love." She added: "It's about all the complications that go along with that. For me, love is an endless pool of inspiration that you can pull from nonstop. I can write you six albums about love and I wouldn't be done."
  • The song was featured in the comedy Fun Size. As a promotion for both the song and the movie, those who bought a ticket to watch Fun Size before November 5, 2012 received a free download of "This Kiss."
  • Justin Francis directed the song's music video, which finds Carly rocking a warehouse rave-up. "The concept was basically just this awesome party," explained Jepsen. "The type of party that I would want to go to and my friends would want to go to."

    We see Carly flirting with a cute guy and his pal - the latter is played by Fun Size actor Thomas McDonell.
  • Jepsen and Koma first met while working on this song and it was a certain Party Rocker who was the matchmaker. "Redfoo is our Cupid - a cupid in zebra-print pajamas! Foo's awesome," Carly told Cosmopolitan. "He ended up introducing me and Matthew."
  • Redfoo told WBBM-FM, B-96 Chicago that the first time he ran into Carly was at an airport. He recalled: "She has the #1 song in the country, and she was by herself with five bags! I was confused and I said, 'You need some help with your bags?' Then she looked and was like 'Redfoo!' We just talked about music and all that stuff."

    The two exchanged numbers and began collaborating. "On the phone I said, 'I got something for you' and came with an idea," he continued, "and she finished part of the idea and we finished the song mostly over the phone."
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