Country Girl

Album: Bare Feet (2017)


  • Caroline Jones is from Greenwich, a very wealthy town in Connecticut, but she's a country girl at heart. As she explains in this song, her father lived in Memphis and Arkansas, and he made sure his daughters could bait a hook. She says the lyrics are true to life.

    "As a song, as a lyric, that's kind of an outlier for me because I tend to write a little bit more poetically rather than literally," she told Songfacts. "A lot of country music is very conversational and very literal, which I love. That's one of the things that drew me to country music. But I have a poet's heart, so I tend to write a little bit more poetically or maybe ethereally. But 'Country Girl' is one of those songs that just fell out and every single word of it is accurate to my childhood and my upbringing in my life. That song really felt like a gift and it means a lot to me."
  • This song is a tribute of sorts to parents everywhere who raised their kids with love. "Sometimes when you grow up you gain a certain perspective as an imperfect adult yourself and you realize how lucky you are to have grown up in a loving family - just to have love and to have values," Jones says. "It's so special, but no matter what kind of family you come from or place you come from, there's value in all of it."


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