There's a Place For Us

Album: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (soundt (2010)
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  • This is the lead single from the soundtrack of the movie, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Underwood co-wrote the song and recorded it for the American market.
  • Underwood agreed to co-write the song with David Hodges and Hillary Lindsey, and to eventually record it, after she saw a rough cut of the film. She commented: "I'm a big fan of the Narnia books and films, so I was really excited about seeing this new movie and writing and performing a song for it. I was blown away by the film, and I think people are going to be really excited when they see it. It's the perfect holiday film."

    She added, "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader presents an imaginative world that's also relatable because it's easy to connect the characters and themes to our own lives. The land of Narnia represents a place where the young heroes truly belong. That inspired me to get together with David and Hillary and write 'There's a Place for Us,' which says that for everybody, there's a place where you're powerful and where you belong. The movie and song are about finding that place where you fit in."
  • The song was covered by international acts around the world for the soundtrack release in their own countries. They include the Swedish Idol singing group E.M.D., UK X Factor winner Joe McElderry, 2009 Australian Idol champ Stan Walker and Italian duo Sonohra.
  • Underwood told The Wall Street Journal how she came to write this song. "First they approached us to see if I would be interested in something like this, and I've definitely been a fan of the books and movies. My mom used to read them in her classes when she was teaching. So I was definitely intrigued. The next step was watching the movie. I saw it in its very early stages," she explained. "There was still a lot of green screen going on -- which is always fun. I enjoy seeing things when they're in the process of being put together. And after that, once I was on board because I really enjoyed the movie, it was all about trying to find people who would be a good fit to write with me on it. We then all saw the movie together. For the next four days after that, we went in to write. Just to see if we could come up with anything."

    Underwood added that her small-town upbringing in Oklahoma helped prepare her for the experience. "It really wasn't hard," she insisted. "The whole premise of the movie is about this other world and growing up I've definitely felt the way the characters in the movie felt because they're in this place, and they felt like they should be off somewhere else having adventures and having this amazing life and instead they feel like they can never get there. I can definitely relate to the characters, growing up in a small town and having big dreams. It's not like we had to incorporate boats and water into the song. It was more metaphorical. It was about the feeling, not the setting."
  • Once Underwood, Hodges and Lindsey started writing the song, there was a lot of goofing around. Said Underwood: We made lots of jokes. When you get stuck in the writing room, you start being silly. I was like 'We really have to write the worst song ever and call it like 'I Love Narnia' and submit that one first just to see what they do. I bet we would have been off the job."

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