Did You Give Enough Love?

Album: Celine Dion (1992)
  • This song was written by Seth Swirsky, who was working as a staff songwriter for Chappell music when he wrote this. On seth.com, he explains: "This song, which I co-wrote with Arnie Roman, was supposed to be Celine's fourth Single from her second Multi-Platinum album. The song had already gone to #1 in Canada and she had just come off of three straight Top 10 hits. At the last minute, Celine recorded the Theme Song for the movie Sleepless in Seattle and this song didn't get as widely exposed as it had a chance to be. The first rule of songwriting (and life): be grateful for what you get, not what you don't! As an aside, I remember Celine called and asked me if I thought she could sing the song one step higher. I got out my guitar and she sang it in different keys until it felt right to both of us. She's a very nice person."


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