Need Ur Love


  • This girl-group homage is one of two tracks on Sucker that Charli collaborated on with Vampire Weekend's Rostam Batmanglij. (The other one is "Die Tonight.") "He's just one of the most talented producers I've ever worked with, he really is," she told Digital Spy. "Being in the studio with him is always this intense… we just do everything together the week that we're working together: we'll sleep in the same bed, we'll go and watch the same shows and snuggle on the sofa, then we'll write a song, then we'll get breakfast, then we'll shout at each other for a bit. It's like so intense, it's good."
  • Rostam Batmanglij told Billboard magazine that Charli, "has this primal ability to write melodies and lyrics that are absolutely perfect, and to do it really fast."
  • Speaking to about the track, Charli said it was "inspired by a lot of ye-ye pop, which is like '60s French girls. So like Sylvie Vartan, Brigitte Bardot, France Gall, people like that."

    "I really like the kind of shout-y, childlike vocals that they did," she explained. "When I first started speaking to Rostam, those were the references that I gave him. We took a trip to Sweden together to work in this strange, empty hotel, which was kind of like The Shining. That's where we wrote 'Need Ur Love.'"


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