Say Goodbye

Album: Chris Brown (2005)
Charted: 10
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  • In this song, Brown is telling a girl that it's time to break up, that no matter how hard they try, there's no way they can stay together. His heart is breaking staying with her, and he's sick of pretending to get along when they don't. >>
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  • Anonymouswho is the ladies in Chris brown video say goodbye
  • Danmore from Bindura, ZimbabweThis song got deep in my veins. I wanna say goodbye to the one I was dating by the name Racy. I want to let her know that I can't keep on pretending like all is well. Can't do it anymore. Wanna say thanks to Chris Brown for helping me to find a way out, which is easy fast. Thanks man.
  • Georgiaa from Xxx, Otheryeah this songs about chris saying that he really likes this oter girl who blates likes him too. they kiss and stuff,,, the girl has caught them so many times. they pretend they get along, they relaly don't. t just isnt working for them both.
  • Ashley from Lakeland, FlI love this song!!!!!!! :)
  • Haze from Canada, Scit makes me cry whenever i hear this song it always remind me 'bout my bf when he hurt me so much i alwayz sing this song becoz of him
  • Alyssa from Boring, Nhi love this song it makes me think of wut my x bf did 2 me n my bff he broke up w/ her 4 me then just the other day he broke up w/ me 4 this other girl :'(
  • Tj from Woodbridge, Vakimi i know how you feel, and my gf's name is kimmy (well i call her kim-e-e:D ) but everytime i hear this song it get so sad. and now i think the time has come to where maybe i should give her this song and break up :'( i feel soo bad
  • Kimi from Kellyville, OkThis song is the best I have heard in a while. I know every word to it. It makes me want to cry about everything that I have been through in relationships in my life. It touches me.
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