Murderer Of Blue Skies

Album: Higher Truth (2015)
  • In this acoustic-driven breakup song, Chris Cornell is far from broken-hearted over the demise of an unhealthy relationship, singing, "I can't wait to never be with you again." He told NPR: "It's interesting, because lyrically, it's not particularly joyful. It's a song everyone will relate to, but I'm not really sure, emotionally, where it's coming from. I'm not really declaring myself in it, and the character that's singing it isn't really declaring himself in it - other than just saying, 'I look forward to waking up without you around ever again.' And that's not really romantic, but it's not really an empowering statement either."
  • Filmmaker/writer Cameron Crowe told Cornell this is "the most loving anti-love song I can imagine" and asked him how he could write a song so tender that is so lyrically tough. Cornell replied: "Some of it is autobiographical and some of it isn't, but I think being a sensitive kid who grows up in the world of adult relationships, my tendency has always been to allow myself to accept responsibility for everything. In some weird passive-aggressive way, like it's all my fault."
  • Cornell said the narrator is challenging his ex, but not necessarily placing all the blame for the split on her. "There's a promise in there right away. There's a naiveté: 'You said everything would be awesome, you said you won't regret it, just come into my world forever and it will be the best thing you ever did.' And maybe what you're perceiving as still tender is that there's no real blame in there. It's just, here's my humble perspective here."


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