I'm Comin' Over
by Chris Young (featuring Vince Gill)

Album: I'm Comin' Over (2015)
Charted: 33


  • This song about a former couple unable to move on from each other was penned by Chris Young with Georgia born singer-songwriter Corey Crowder, who has written songs for Meghan Linsey ("Try Harder Than That") and James Otto ("Somewhere Tonight"). The other songwriter was Franklin, Tennessee native Josh Hoge, whose debut album, Everything She Was, included collaborations with Ne-Yo, Ryan Tedder, and Ashley Gorley.
  • Chris Young: ''I'm Comin' Over' describes that feeling when you can't get someone off your mind and you just have to be with them no matter the consequences."
  • The lead single from Chris Young's fifth album, this hints at the new sounds to come from the singer on the record. "Not only did I just really, really love ["I'm Comin' Over"] when I wrote it, but also, because of the way we cut stuff on this record, it seemed like the perfect way to kind of bridge the gap between what I'd done sonically on prior records and what we've done on this," Young told The Boot. "And I thought it played real well and it balanced real well [with] what we were trying to evolve my sound as, and I think anybody that's heard anything prior to this would go, 'Oh, that sounds like something that he would do.'"
  • The Chris Young, Corey Crowder and Josh Hoge songwriting partnership makes up the core of the I'm Comin' Over album. "We liked the first song we got," Young told Taste of Country, "so we kept doing it over and over."

    Young added that this song was written quickly - in fact most songs the trio penned came in less than an hour and a half.
  • The steamy music video shows Young and his female co-star acting out the song's lyrics. The clip was directed by David McClister, who also did all of the photos for the I'm Comin' Over album. "I've been laughing about the fact that it's obviously a guy who edited the video, because it's, like, maybe two seconds of me singing and then the shot of the girl's butt," Young commented told The Boot.
  • Listeners are unable to agree if the couple that Young sings about here do stay together. "Some people call it a 'breakup song,'" he told Radio.com. "I don't necessarily know if it's a 'breakup song.' The song never really says that they break up. There's this rough patch, this on-again/off-again thing, is it gonna work? Is it not? There's a bunch of stuff that needs to be said and needs to be discussed, and you need closure."

    Young added that the closure isn't reached during the song. "The line says, 'To hell with the closure, save it for another time.' Right then, all those two people want to do is to be together. To hell with the consequences, we'll deal with it later."
  • Young put a lot of onus on the song being successful and it turned out to be the fastest-selling single he'd had to date. "I was drawn to this song, as a single, from the get go," he said. "I think we made the right decision. We named the tour I'm Comin' Over, we named the album I'm Comin' Over, you better not suck and fall on your face if you name everything after the single."


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