Looking For You

Album: yet to be titled (2023)
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  • "Looking For You" is a vocal showcase that depicts a couple's love story. Chris Young recounts the moment a girl walked into the bar. As soon as he saw her, he knew she was the one - the girl he'd been looking for all his life.
  • Young co-wrote "Looking For You" in May 2022 with longtime collaborator Chris DeStefano alongside James McNair and Emily Weisband. Before Young arrived for the session, DeStefano, McNair and Weisband had already come up with the concept and title. Young loved the idea, and they all started crushing the song. All four writers contributed their own ideas, and everything flowed seamlessly.
  • The track wasn't inspired by a specific person but reflects the common experiences of Young and many others. "This actually just came from a place of, you know, sometimes you're looking for love and can't find it. Then sometimes you're like, I give up and it just smacks you in the face like a freight train outta nowhere," Young told Country Now. "I think a lot of people have been through that before where they just see somebody walk in, even if they're not looking for it, they just find someone and it's like, this is perfect. So that was kind of the genesis of the idea of this song."
  • The release at the end of the chorus is 4 minor before it resolves. This technique is used to create tension and anticipation before resolving to the main key, adding interest and variation to the music.

    "It was me and DeStefano playing around," explained Young to American Songwriter. "He was playing jazz chords sitting there on the guitar. I was like, "Woah, woah, woah, go back, go back. What if we did that and I sing this over it?"
  • The high-pitched, eerie sound at the beginning of the song is not an instrument, rather Weisband's voice, which was pitch-shifted and altered to create the effect of her singing in a bathroom. "It made it really different for a signature lick of the song," commented Young.
  • Young dropped "Looking For You" on January 13, 2023. His first solo release to Country radio since before the pandemic, it follows the country star's back-to-back duets with Kane Brown and Mitchell Tenpenny. Both collaborative singles hit #1 on the Airplay chart.


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