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  • This is one of three co-writes with former Zero 7 member Sia Furler for Bionic. Aguilera's husband, Music Executive Jordan Bratman suggested she contact some of her favourite musicians and ask them to appear on the record, so she took his advice. "I reached out to Ladytron and Sia, who I was a big fan of working with because of her work with Zero 7, which I'm a huge fan of," Aguilera said in a video interview.
    "There's Le Tigre and Peaches and Goldfrapp who I reached out to, there's the producers of M.I.A. and Santigold, who I'm also a huge fan of who I ended up collaborating with and writing with. It was just a super fun ride in working with all of them. I just approached the whole meeting process by telling them, 'I'm a huge fan of yours. I would love to collaborate and work together and step a little into your world - or a lot into your world - and see what you're all about."
  • Sia told Billboard magazine that she didn't perceive any anxiety on Aguilera's part in regard to some of her relatively left-field collaborations on the album. "I don't think she thought it was a risk," Furler said. "She was just excited to get to work with the artists she loves. There's this misconception that she's a middle-America kind of person. But she's a little hipster. You go back to her house and sit by the fire with some wine, and what's playing over the sound system? The Knife and Arthur Russell. She doesn't listen to pop music."
  • Christina and Sia have another connection. They share the same birthday: December 18th.


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