Oh Mother

Album: Back to Basics (2006)


  • This song salutes the courage of Aguilera's mother, who when Christina was 8 years old divorced her Army sergeant husband after years of alleged physical and emotional abuse. According to the lyric, "It was the day he turned on the kids that she knew she had to leave him."
  • This is not the first time Christina has referred to the abuse she and her mother went through. "I'm OK" from her 2002 album Stripped also is about the same traumatic experiences.
  • Christina Aguilera told USA Weekend magazine August 6, 2006 how it's therapeutic for her to talk about her childhood: "It gives me a reason to understand why I went through what I did and why I was given this gift to share my voice and words with the world. There's so much more I want to do. It happens to so many people. My father was a sergeant in the Army, so we lived on Army bases when I was little, and it was happening a lot. The MPs would come, but a lot of them were doing the same things [to their wives and kids]. I was surrounded with domestic violence, not only in my home but my friends."


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