Eyes Of A Ranger

Album: Walker Texas Ranger (1994)
  • Walker Texas Ranger was an American TV series which ran from April 1993 to May 2001 on CBS. The lead character Cordell Walker, was played by Chuck Norris, an actor known for playing the strong silent type. Unfortunately, the silent went out of the window for the theme song, which was composed by Tirk Wilder. Originally the program was introduced by an instrumental, but sometime in the second series, the song replaced it. While Norris is no diva, it is doubtful if anyone from Bing Crosby to Shirley Bassey could have sounded less corny with a song like "Eyes Of A Ranger". As Bobby Crush said of his own composition "Orville's Song", this is one for the sick bucket. "Eyes Of A Ranger" has one saving grace, it runs to less than a minute. >>
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  • Khaos, Jr. from Khaosjr@yahoo.comOne of WTR's greater debits, at least for me, was using only such a small part of this song -- the chorus and half of the first verse -- for their theme music. It would have been nifty to hear how the rest of this tune sounded, as performed by "The Chuck" ...Or anybody else, for that matter. Here are all three-and-a-half verses, in their entirety, submitted for your reading/singing pleasure:

    VERSE 1:
    In the Eyes of a Ranger, the unsuspecting stranger
    Had better know what's true, and wrong from right
    'Cause the rule of law and order starts at the Texas border
    With the Lone Star of the Ranger shining bright.

    VERSE 2:
    In the Heart of a Ranger, he'll never know the danger
    From desperate men with nothing left to lose.
    That Ranger keeps on coming, so there ain't no sense in running
    He's bound and sure to make you pay your dues.

    VERSE 3:
    When a Ranger's on your trail, he won't know how to fail
    And you can't buy him off at any price.
    So if you decide to ramble, and with your life you'd gamble,
    Know where you are before you roll the dice.

    VERSE 4:
    If you see him coming 'round the outskirts of town,
    Never take that Ranger for a ride.
  • Tim from Tampa, FlI spent the day recently, binge-watching "Walker, Texas Ranger" on TV. I really enjoyed it, especially the theme song sung/spoken by Chuck Norris himself.
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