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  • This song was produced by Timbaland protégé Nate "Danja" Hills.
  • In this song Ciara duets with her labelmate Chris Brown, who many in the music industry blackballed after his altercation with Rihanna. Ciara admitted to MTV News that she thought long and hard about removing Brown's vocals or ditching the record all together. She explained why she retained the disgraced R&B star's contribution: "I'mma be honest with you, pretty much everyone on my team was supportive [of keeping the record on the album]. Because we knew what the whole reasoning of wanting to keep it was. Being as though I was leaving it at that, I felt OK about that. When you listen to the album, from the beginning to the end, it feels good to you, and it just felt good to me. I could try to do it a different way and I even had moments where I played with it a little bit, but it didn't feel right. So it's all about what feels good to me, so that's why I kept it.
    It definitely took time [to make the final decision]. In the decision-making process for the records, once you get down to the last few days that's when you kind of know. It definitely took time, but [the question was] more if the record made sense for the album, period. And that's how I weighed all the records."
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