Beverly Hills

Album: Group Sex (1980)


  • Making Weezer's Beverly Hills seem much more benign, Circle Jerks slam the brainless posers who reside in the California city on this track: "Beverly Hills, century city/Everything's so nice and pretty/All the people look the same/Don't they know they're so damn lame."
  • "Beverly Hills" features on Circle Jerks' debut album, Group Sex, which in very Punk fashion, manages to get through 14 songs in just 15 minutes. Lead singer Keith Morris claims that he doesn't listen to his own music unless he needs to re-learn a song to perform.

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  • Rocky from Tulsa, OkBack in 2010 me & my cousin found the album "Group Sex" in a weird old record shop in Kansas City, Missouri. My cousin was a fan of the Circle Jerks from way back when. He's about 20 years older than me so we have different tastes & likes. I didn't care for the album or "Beverly Hills." I just didn't rock right, ya know? Gots ta have that beat & loud. This did not have those things!!! Now, I love the other "Beverly Hills" done by Weezer which is a total rocker and really bizarre. I love bizarre, but not lame. The Circle Jerks' "Beverly Hills" is just lame.
  • Skip from Colchester, VtWeezer's version came waaaaay later.
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