The Affidavit

Album: Psychic Warfare (2015)


  • The opening track of Psychic Warfare features frontman Neil Fallon's spoken word over ambient sounds. The vocalist explained in a commentary video that the band wanted to come up with an introduction to the album rather than launch right into the Philip K. Dick-inspired track "X-Ray Visions" "When we got the mixes of the record we were on tour and we got to talking about how we could intro the record, other than just starting cold with 'X-Ray Visions.'"

    "The subject of ambient noise came up. A couple of days later the bus was parked in Memphis, Tennessee, in front of The Peabody Hotel and I believe it was a jazz and blues awards ceremony that was going on. The place was just rammed. I walked into the lobby with my iPhone and made these circuits around the bar and lobby and recorded the conversations, the sounds of ice and drinks and clinking china."

    "A couple of days later we listened to the ambient noise and it was hard to justify by itself, so I listened to the first words of 'X-Ray Visions' and realized this could be a statement of sort."
  • Fallon wanted Tommy Lee Jones to voice the part, but in the end he did his best himself to mimic the actor. "It's a private investigator or detective asking the character in 'X-Ray Visions' what the hell happened," he explained.


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