Album: The Color Before the Sun (2014)
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  • Claudio Sanchez wrote this song in anticipation of the birth of his son, who was born on June 8, 2014. Claudio and his wife, Chondra Echert named their baby boy Atlas. Sanchez explained to TeamRock: "We named him Atlas because he was going to be the guide and the map to this new chapter in our life. I wrote the song before he was born. I was so excited and I couldn't wait to meet him, but I also knew that inevitably I was going to have to leave him for my job and what I do. So that's basically what this song is about: although I'm leaving him, he'll be the anchor that will allow me to remember where home is, and no matter where I am in the world he will be with me. Home doesn't have to be a structure that sits somewhere, you see. It's just the comfort of family, I think."

    A video of the Coheed and Cambria frontman playing the song was uploaded to the band's YouTube channel on August 25, 2014.
  • Claudio admitted he's only begun to understand the song's full meaning once he started to prepare for going on tour with Coheed And Cambria. "At the time, I could only imagine the feelings I'd have for him when I'd have to leave for tour," he explained. "I didn't truly understand the power and relevance of the song's sentiment. Now, after having him in my life for almost three months and with Neverender just a few weeks away, I'm starting to feel it. This will be my first tour away from Atlas. And sure, it will be hard, but it's all for him. I'd like to share that song with you."
  • Sanchez said regarding the song's instrumentation: "With the opening riff I was trying to echo a lullaby, and when the band kicks in I wanted the song to feel energetic, happy and hopeful because I was excited about having a son. I'd already written the introspective question that ended Side A, and so I wanted Side B to start off with a rocker."
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