Here To Mars

Album: The Color Before the Sun (2015)
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  • Speaking with Rolling Stone, Coheed and Cambria founder, Claudio Sanchez, explained the background to this song: "My wife has helped pull me from the throes of an identity crisis," he said. "While I can barely comprehend the distance of our planetary neighbor, let alone the ever expanding universe, my love for her knows no distance."
  • The song was written around the time Claudio Sanchez's wife, Chondra Echert, was about to give birth to their first child, Atlas. He explained to TeamRock: "My wife and I collaborate on a ton of things together – a lot of the comic books and the lyrics and music that I write – and now here we were about to collaborate on a life together, and it was just a really special moment that framed her in a way that made me want to express myself in a song for her. So that's basically what I did, and Here to Mars is me trying to encapsulate that emotion."

    "I wanted the song to feel epic and explosive, and distant like a journey. Some people might get literal with it and say, 'You only love your wife to Mars? But that's only the neighboring planet of our solar system – it's not really that far away!' But to me, Mars might as well be the other end of the universe because I'm never going there. Maybe I should just do a series of love songs about the solar system next time out? Ha ha!"


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