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  • Colbie Caillat told us that among her lesser-known songs, this one is her favorite. "I wrote it all by myself, it was about a situation that was going on with my family and really was emotional for me," she said.
  • Caillat wrote the song with the backdrop of politics and the war in Iraq, which served as a symbol for the issues she was having with her family. She explained in an interview with MTV: "I wrote 'Battle' about my frustration with our government and politics, my opinion on the war, and about people and the hurt and harm they can cause when they get too wrapped up in their own agenda. About wondering how they could feel no remorse, and why instead of owning up to their mistakes and doing what is right, they continue full force on the same path, refusing to take the necessary steps to begin to make things better again, and telling twisted stories and imposing fear along the way to gain supporters on their side that never even heard the truth." >>
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    Jenn - Baltimore, MD
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