In Love Again

Album: The Best of Me (2014)


  • Colbie Caillat explained the song's meaning: "It's about wanting to re-fall in love with the same person after going through a breakup and after having time apart and wanting to fix the things that were wrong with the relationship and make it better, and not wanting to find someone else," she said, "not wanting to fall in love with someone else, but fall in love again with that person that you loved for so long."
  • The song featured on the soundtrack of the Nicholas Sparks film, The Best of Me. Caillat said: "I've always been a fan of Nicholas Sparks, his writing and the way his writing gets turned into beautiful films. And for me as a songwriter, it's always so incredible to be able to write a song that is something that I wrote from my personal life, and it can fit so beautifully in a film during a scene and actually just capture the moment completely, and it really just adds emotion to the movie and to the song."

    "When I got to write a song for Nicholas' last movie, which was Safe Haven, Gavin DeGraw and I wrote a song called 'We Both Know' for the film, and that opportunity was so amazing," she continued. "And now this time around with The Best of Me, I was honored that they were looking for a song that was fitting the movie, and I already had written one about two years ago, and it's called 'In Love Again,' and this song completely fits the mood and the setting of this film."


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