Mylo Xyloto

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  • This 43 second xylophone diddy is the title track of British Alternative Rock band Coldplay's fifth LP. According to frontman Chris Martin, the album has a theme of love triumphing over all and is based around a story in which two protagonists, Mylo and Xyloto, who are living in an oppressive, dystopian urban environment, meet, fall in love and run away together.
  • The strange album title came out of a desire to name it something original that sounded good. Martin explained to MTV News that it doesn't mean anything except their fifth album's music. "It sort of has a nice appearance to it," he said, "with all those O's. We had it on one of our many lists for about two years and for all the other titles that were suggested, it kept winning.

    And so we [accepted that], 'Well, this will be tough to explain.' But then we thought well, but maybe in the old days before anyone knew what a Snickers was, that word would have sounded weird as well, or Google ... or Yahoo! So why not try and invent something new?"
  • Frontman Chris Martin told Music Week that Mylo Xyloto was written as a concept album as the band wanted to make a record which fans would want to listen to in its entirety. "We really felt like the album is so under threat as a format that we should really make an effort to really tie it all together, "he explained. "And even if they don't want to own it all, it makes sense as one thing, should anyone be interested in that. So if you want to find a narrative through it you can, which is something that we just enjoyed doing."
  • As this song is an instrumental the song title is never said, but we're reliably informed that its pronounced "my-lo zy-letoe."
  • Mylo Xyloto broke the record for the highest number of download sales in one week in the UK. The album sold 83,000 digital copies in its first seven days of release usurping the previous record held by Take That's Progress, which sold 79,800 downloads in its first week.
  • The 447,000 copies sold by Mylo Xyloto during the first week in the US was the biggest week for a rock effort since U2's No Line On The Horizon debuted at #1 with 484,000 in March 2009.
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