Lose Control

Album: When I Was Younger (2014)


  • This song was initially inspired by Forrest Gump, which is one of Colony House frontman Caleb Chapman's favorite movies. He explained to Artist Direct: "When I was a senior in high school, I did a report on Robert Zemeckis, and I became a huge fan of all his films. That was my first time watching Forrest Gump. It's sad that it took me that long to see it. The opening and ending scene feature this feather floating through the air. It seems random, but when the story unfolds, the image of the feather floating from place to place makes a lot more sense. In the story of Forrest Gump, he never made any calculated decisions, but he has this tragic, yet beautiful story that happens in his life. It's mainly because he went with it."

    "That's where it started thematically. I took that and applied it to my life. I feel like I've seen people try to control things and it never works out the way that they planned it," Chapman continued. "Sometimes, that's for the better. Sometimes, it's not for the better. I need to write a reminder to myself that it's not a stable life. It's this false sense of security. There's no such thing as a stable life. There are beautiful things that come out of the unknown. That's where that song came from."
  • Caleb and his brother Will, who is Colony House's drummer, lost their sister Maria Sue, when she died of injuries arising from a driveway accident at the age of 5. The frontman said the story of pain that his family went through, "plays into the (song's) story that everything is out of our control." He added, "Why fight to hold on when there's nothing we can do about it?"

    Calen and Will's father Steven Curtis Chapman has recorded a number of songs inspired by the tragedy including "Heaven Is The Face" which paints a picture of what Heaven must look like with Maria in it.


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