I'd Do It All Again

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  • This emotional ballad is the first single from English soul/R&B singer-songwriter Corinne Bailey Rae's second studio album, The Sea. Many of the songs on the record relate to the death of her husband, Jason Rae, a jazz musician who often played saxophone in her band, in March 2008.
  • This song was written in January 2008 after an argument with Jason, two months before he passed away, and is a testimony to the strength of her love for him. She explained to The Sun November 27, 2009: "Jason and I had a massive argument. It was a really hard time. I was so angry with him but this song came to me. It's saying I don't want anyone else as I'm so into just one person - Jason - even after such a huge row. There's a line in there that love is bigger than your pride and that's how I felt about him. No one was more right for me than him. No one. That song is saying that, even in this difficult place I'm in today, I would still do it all again. That's how I feel today. Even though he died so young, I still had the best person and was so lucky to have found him."
  • The song's music video was helmed by film director Jamie Thraves, the man responsible for such iconic videos as Radiohead's "Just" and Coldplay's "The Scientist." Thraves told MySpace about the clip: "Corinne and I met just as I was formulating the idea. She told me she was fan of my work, said she thought it was very real looking, cinematic and quite dark and that's what she wanted for her video, nothing too sunny she said. I looked at her other videos and realised just how sunny they were and why she wanted to do something different for this song but on the day we filmed it was such a lovely sunny day - I told Corinne the sun just seems to follow her around, but it's okay because in sad moments the sun can underline sadness just as easily as rain."
  • Bailey Rae explained to Billboard magazine why she chose this for The Sea's lead single: "I felt it would be a really great way to start things off," the singer-songwriter said, "because it starts out with me just playing the guitar and singing, and as it goes on, it really develops and all the layers come out. It's a balance between the more acoustic sound of the first record and the bigger sound I tried to get on this one."
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