A Murder Of One

Album: August And Everything After (1993)
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  • This song contains the band's namesake in the lyrics and reveals the origin. The lyric is:

    I dreamt I saw you walking up a hillside in the snow
    Casting shadows on the winter sky as you stood there
    Counting crows
    One for Sorrow
    Two for Joy

    This is a reference to a Mother Goose rhyme which came from an old superstition. It was said that your fortune was dependent upon how many blackbirds you see on your path. This practice was eventually looked upon as silly, as there is another common saying that an action can be "As useless as counting crows." >>
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    Alden - College Park, MD
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Comments: 4

  • Tricia from Stafford, VaAt a concert back in 95 Adam actually said that he wrote this song for his sister :)
  • April from Nashville, TnOn A&E's "Breakfest with the Arts" Adam claimed to be very good friends with Mary Louise-Parker, who was in a small movie in which she says something to the effect of "Are you just going to stand here counting crows?" So that is where he drew inspiration for the name.
  • Rainking from Chicago, IlQuite an amazing song. Live versions are best. It's not mainly about Adam. It's about that other girl in a relationship he sees as flawed. He seems to genuinely think so, although it could come across as a jealous attack on her boyfriend. My favorite version is when Adam pleads "Don't waste your life, the way I waste my life." To me, he's begging his love to break free of the abusive relationship she's in, which almost mirrors the abusive obsession he has with her. At it's heart, it's about how sad he's become and how much he wants her to change. He's useless and alone without the girl he loves, but only from afar.
  • Larry from Chicago, Il"A Murder of One" is basically a description of unity amongst a Murder (flock) of Crows.
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