Craig David

Craig David Artistfacts

  • May 5, 1981
  • David initially found portrayal in the adult sketch show Bo' Selecta! in which Leigh Francis wears a caricature rubber mask and mockingly impersonates him - "hurtful beyond belief." Yet, in a 2015 interview with The Mirror he dismissed this reaction as a strategy from his PR team. He claims to have since made up with Leigh Francis at Fearne Cotton's wedding.
  • In an interview with Jonathan Ross, David confessed that his ego drove him to move out to Miami in 2010, as it felt like the next step up. During his time there, however, he found that it was not as fulfilling as he'd first thought: "It got to a point where I was driving my Lamborghini, and thinking 'where am I going?'"
  • During his hiatus and reclusion to Miami studio, David felt the pulls of the Miami lifestyle meant he couldn't be as productive as when in London: "in the daytime you want to go out and be in the sun, and then at night time, the night life is trying to drag you out and be part of that, too."

    It was the UK's "melting pot" of musical styles that brought him back, and spurred his comeback in 2015.
  • David was so blown away by Jack Garratt's re-arrangement of "Seven Days," that he returned the favor with a double-time, jungle-influenced cover of Garratt's "Breathe Life."
  • American megastar Drake - stylistically influenced by Craig David - was once confused for David while in the UK attending the Wimbledon tennis tournament.


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