Rise And Fall

Album: Slicker Than Your Average (2002)
Charted: 2


  • This samples Sting's "Shape Of My Heart," and the Police frontman also contributes backing vocals.
  • Craig David on barnesandnoble.com explained the background to this song: "I took the first 4 bars of the guitar melody from [Sting's] 'Shape of My Heart' and wrote a new pop line over it about the trials and tribulations of an artist's career. Off the back of that, I sent it to Sting to ask him to clear the sample. He came back to me and said he loved the song and the essence of what it talked about. [He felt it mirrored] his career and the trials and tribulations he'd been through. So I asked him if he would sing on the track. I thought it would be perfect to have Sting in the chorus as the elder, wiser statesmen saying, 'I've been there done it, Craig. Listen to me 'cause these are the pitfalls you can fall into.' [He agreed and] when he came over, he put the finishing touches on the track that I'd always [wanted]. As a songwriter, using his guitar riff felt a little foreign to me. So to have his blessing on the track made the whole thing fall into [place]. It's a perfect highlight for me."

Comments: 2

  • Radwa from Alexandria, Egyptcraig david is one of my favourite artists ever that Iam really fond of his relaxing voice and rise and fall that marvellous song with one of the greatest artists of all times sting is really my best song and I tell him to keep it up and I think an artist like him wiil never fall and will be in a continous rise and I tell him all EGYPTIANS are here fond of him as he before honoured us by his lovely concert in charm el sheikh and wish we will see him again in EGYPT.........with my best wishes
  • Ahmed Kakembo from Kampala, Ugandaevery day come a star here came a star craig david with the most inspiring song that inspired my life together with my heart in all my life and when ever i hear this song on my phone i feel touched a part of my body and i dedicate to all who hears slows that is most interesting one in the world
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